At Forefolk, we're passionate about showing respect for our planet and the people on it. That's why we're committed to offering products that are ethically made and sourcing high quality materials that have a low environmental impact. Each piece is designed with practicality and comfort in mind, and our passion for sustainability fuels us to create timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come. It is our hope that this will enable you to add to your wardrobe with intention and to buy better, not more.

Each of our pieces are made by hand at our small studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our founder and designer, Erin, personally makes each and every piece.

Our yarns are produced by small family farms and happy sheep in Peru. We strive to source the highest quality fibers with the minimum environmental impact, and no harmful practices are used in obtaining our wool. Read more about our sourcing here. 

We understand that every aspect of our business has an impact on the planet, so we're always looking for ways to be more responsible and sustainable. Our products are packaged using only recyclable materials, and we never use plastic. We take care to produce as little waste as possible by reusing, recycling, or reducing consumption whenever possible.



About Us | Forefolk Team


Hey there! I'm Erin, and I'm the designer and maker behind Forefolk. I live in Minnesota with my husband (and business partner), Joe, and we're big fans of the slow pace of midwestern life. We have two rescue dogs, Seamus and Ginny (named after Harry Potter characters, a series which I'm, shamelessly, obsessed with). I consider my dogs to be my children and will drop whatever I'm doing for the chance to pet a dog. I just really love dogs. 

I'm passionate about slow living, conscious consumerism, and sustainability, and these are all aspects I strive to bring to Forefolk. I can be rather introverted, but ask me about any of these subjects, and I will get crazy excited. Or just show up with a dog.

Other things that get my blood pumping? Eating delicious food and traveling. Eating delicious food WHILE traveling is a real winner. I'm particularly fond of plant-based food, and all of the meals we cook at home are plant-based (for the planet! Another subject I could talk your ear off about). As for traveling, I love all forms and destinations. Whether it be big cities or the remote wilderness, I love to get out there and explore (and find some amazing food or unique craft brews along the way).

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About Us | Forefolk Dogs


Hiya! Joe here, and I'm behind the scenes handling all things photography and logistics. With a degree in social work, I'm passionate about putting ethics and a "person first" mentality at the forefront of our business decisions. When I'm not focusing on Forefolk, you can find me wrestling our dogs, seeking out a delicious craft beer with my wife, or writing songs and playing any instrument I can get my hands on.

Music fascinates me more than anything (although our dogs come in at a close second). Humanity has such an ancient connection with music, and I strongly believe creating melodies can be one of the truest and most transcending forms of human expression. I also love the accessibility of making music. Anybody who can hum, tap their foot, or dust off some basement dwelling instrument is immediately qualified.

Additionally, I work part-time at a small music store owned by two luthiers. This means I not only get to help people find the perfect electric guitar, kazoo, or didgeridoo, but I also get to observe the construction and repairs of handmade classical instruments. 

About Us | Forefolk Team