Due to it's naturally stain resistant and odor resistant properties, our products can be worn many times between washes. When you start to notice that your knitwear needs a little love, here are some methods you can use:

In most cases, you can skip the washing process all-together and just hang your woolly knits to air out.

For those times when airing it out just won't cut it, here are steps to hand wash and dry your knits. Please note that for the longevity of your knitwear, washing should be prolonged as long as possible.
  1. Fill a clean sink with lukewarm water. Take care that water is not too hot so your wool doesn't shrink.
  2. Add a small amount of gentle, wool-friendly detergent.
  3. Give your garment a gentle squeeze and soak. Do not wring out your wool.
  4. Take your garment out of the water and lay flat on a clean towel.
  5. Roll up the towel to press the water out of the garment.
  6. Lay your garment flat on a fresh, dry towel and reshape to dry.

If you notice any pilling on your knitwear don't panic! Pilling naturally occurs from friction and can be removed using a wool shaver or comb.

A NOTE FROM THE PLANET: if you love me, please skip the dry-cleaners.