We recognize that we're responsible for the practices of every aspect of our supply chain. That's why we we're committed to sourcing the high quality fibers with low environmental impact, and we only work with companies that share our values.

Forefolk Sourcing. Sustainably sourced wool


The animals who produce our wool are cared for on small family farms in Peru. The farmers descend from a long line of alpaca breeders, and their livelihood depends on the well-being of their livestock. This means that from breeding, to shearing, to the general welfare of their animals, they take great care in all aspects of raising their livestock.

Care is taken at every step of the manufacturing process as well:

SHEARING - Our woolly friends are responsibly shorn - absolutely no mulesing* is involved.

DYING - The fluffy yarn tops are dyed using low impact dyes certified by REACH and Oeko Tex.

SPINNING - Renewable energy sources power the spinning process. Safety is a top concern, and no child labor is involved.

Learn more about each of our fibers here.

*Mulesing is the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from the buttocks of a sheep. This practice is commonly used in Australia to prevent flystrike.